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Please join us for Dinner with Pascal Lamy and Discussion of "Europe in Crisis"

Thursday, November 3, 2016 

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Europe in Crisis

A Discussion with Pascal Lamy

EU Trade Commissioner (1999 - 2004), General Director WTO (2005 - 2013)

Pascal Lamy is an international statesman, who has represented and served the European Union at the highest levels. His leadership of global trade negotiations make his evaluation of the implications of Brexit uniquely authoritative. He will also discuss and answer questions about the many strains which threaten the Union.

Refugees and migrants:

What can the Union do to get control of its borders, and implement a common asylum policy? Can it influence the war in Syria and work with the border states to moderate the refugee flow? How will the coup in Turkey affect the situation? What should it do to address the long term challenges of economic migration?


Can the members of Schengen (those who want to preserve Schengen) institute tighter procedures for sharing information and controlling threats?

Rising Populism:

These important problems are compounded by and contribute to the rising tide of populism in the region. Would the Union survive another referendum on Exit (in the Netherlands, for instance)?

Underlying all these issues, and central to their resolution is the question of leadership. Where are the leaders? Can the Franco-German partnership be revitalized? Are there others - in the nation states, in the Commission, in the Parliament - who can take the lead in crafting intelligent responses to these strains?

Donors to the November 3 Benefit at the Consulat de France will hear Pascal Lamy speak on these questions, and will have the opportunity to discuss the issues with him.

Immediately following the talk and the discussion, an elegant dinner will be served.

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