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Event with Philippe Aghion

The Result of the French Presidential Election,

& Innovation and Growth in France

May 17, 2022

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Philippe Aghion is a professor of “The Economics of Institutions, Innovations and Growth” at the College de France. He also teaches at the London School of Economics and INSEAD.

With Peter Howitt he pioneered the Schumpeterian Growth paradigm which has subsequently been used to analyze the design of growth policies and the role of the state in the growth process.

He was the chairman for economics of the Ministry of Education commission which rewrote the French high school education curriculum in economics and the social sciences, a project with which AFPSE collaborated.

In 2001, Philippe Aghion received the Yrjo Jahnsson Award of the best European economist under age 45. In 2009 he received the John Von Neumann Award and in 2016 he received the Global Entrepreneurship Award.

Just a few days after the newly elected French President is sworn in, Philippe Aghion discussed the Innovation and Growth Process in France and the implications of the French Presidential Election.


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