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The American Foundation for Paris School of Economics


The American Foundation for the Paris School of Economics is a 501(c)3 organization 
dedicated to the advancement of economic understanding in France and elsewhere.

Partners have included the Collège de France, the Académie des sciences Morales et politiques, the French Ministry of Education, the German Marshall Fund of the United States


The mission of the Corporation is to promote a better understanding of contemporary economic and social issues in France and elsewhere in the world by providing financial support for graduate teaching and research in economics, public policy analysis, development, international relations, demography and related fields.

This support will primarily but not necessarily exclusively consist of providing financial assistance to l’Ecole d’Economie de Paris (Paris School of Economics), an autonomous graduate educational institution located in Paris, France, dedicated to teaching, scholarship and policy analysis at the highest level.  The Corporation will provide financial support for both traditional graduate programs of teaching and research, and other endeavors to explain the relevance of modern economic analysis for public policy.

The Corporation’s assistance may also consist of the funding of teaching chairs, student fellowships, research, publications, international exchange, and all such activities as are related to its mission.  In the pursuit of this mission, the Corporation may support activities in France, the United States, or elsewhere.




Event with Philippe Aghion

Will be Scheduled in Fall or Winter 2021

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Philippe Aghion is a professor of “The Economics of Institutions, Innovations and Growth” at the College
de France. He also teaches at Harvard University and the London School of Economics.

With Peter Howitt he pioneered the so-called Schumpeterian Growth paradigm which was subsequently
used to analyze the design of growth policies and the role of the state in the growth process.

A senior advisor to President Macron's campaign, he was the chairman for economics of the Ministry of
Education commission which rewrote the French high school education curriculum in economics and the
social sciences, a project with which AFPSE collaborated.

In 2001, Philippe Aghion received the Yrjo Jahnsson Award of the best European economist under age 45,
in 2009 he received the John Von Neumann Award and in 2016 he received the Global Entrepreneurship

He will discuss the successes and the challenges of President Macron’s program, commenting on pension
reform, tax changes and their implications for inequality, and will comment on his response to the Covid crisis and his strategy for strengthening the European Union. 

The proceeds of the evening will be dedicated to the Foundation's cooperation with the Académie des sciences morales et politiques and Collège de France aimed at strengthening the teaching of basic economic principles in French high schools.



2018 Benefit in Honor of Larry Summers
2013 Benefit in Honor of Christine Lagarde


2016 Benefit in Honor of Pascal Lamy
2015 Acemoglu and Piketty Debate
2011 Benefit in Honor of Olivier Blanchard
2010 Benefit in Honor of Jacques de Larosière
2010 Benefit in Honor of Jacques de Larosière


2018 Benefit in Honor of Larry Summers
2013 Benefit in Honor of Christine Lagarde


2016 Benefit in Honor of Pascal Lamy
2015 Acemoglu and Piketty Debate
2011 Benefit in Honor of Olivier Blanchard
2010 Benefit in Honor of Jacques de Larosière
2009 Benefit in Honor of Henri de Castries



Joint Work with French Ministry of Education and College de France


George de Menil, Treasurer, and Pierre-Andre Chiappori, Board member, actively participated in the group of experts appointed by the Ministry of Education, which drafted the new SES program. AFPSE also recruited and retained Laura Leker, a PSE Phd, and a professional actress, to write the problem sets which accompany the new program on the dedicated web site of the College de France. Finally, AFPSE is funding the creation by Laura Leker of animated videos to explain the key concepts of the new program.


Joint Work with the Institute of Public Policies and the Club Praxis


Project funded in part by a donation from the AXA Research Fund

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Frederick Allen


AFPSE Representative on the Board of Paris School of Economics

AXA PA ChiapporiPortrait.jpg

Pierre-André Chiappori

Member of the Académie des sciences morales et politiques


Yann Coatanlem


CEO of DataCore Innovations


Pierre-Yves Geoffard


Former Executive Director of Paris School of Economics


Jean-Olivier Hairault

Executive Director of Paris School of Economics


George de Menil


Retired professor, former Board member PSE, founder of AFPSE, corresponding member of Academie des Sciences Morales et Politiques


Nefissa Sator

Executive Actuary & ERM expert, SCOR


Craig Stapleton


Former Ambassador to France

portrait 019 AXA 2009.jpg

Ezra Suleiman

Professor at Princeton




149 East 63rd St.

New York, NY 10065


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